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An optimized checkout page for WooCommerce.
CheckoutWC replaces your checkout page with a beautiful, responsive, and conversion optimized design. Works with every theme. πŸ”₯


Processed Over the Last 30 Days
Join over 1500 sites improving their WooCommerce checkout by using CheckoutWC!

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*Stats are opt-in. We don’t collect any information from sites that do not consent to collection.

The work Objectiv has done to help make WooCommerce checkouts look and feel natural, and drive conversion, is top notch. I highly recommend Checkout for WooCommerce to every store I talk with.

Chris Lema, VP of Products – Liquid Web
Checkout for WooCommerce makes customizing the checkout page easy and the process for customers even easier. I ask my customers only the info I need so they can complete the process faster. A more pleasant experience for them, and more sales for me.

Joe Casabona – How I Built It
With products like CheckoutWC it’s easy to see the future of eCommerce on WordPress come alive. A checkout focused on improving user experience and conversions is something that’s been missing from WooCommerce for a long time.

Ryan Sullivan – Southern Web
Supercharge your checkout page
Reduce abandoned checkouts and unhappy customers with a drop-in solution that just works.

Start Selling More
You won’t regret it. We pinky swear.

How Checkout for WooCommerce will increase your sales.
If you are using the default WooCommerce checkout page, you could be losing 30% of your customers. We make it incredibly easy to optimize your checkout page.

It’s Just Better
Simplified Checkout Process
CheckoutWC breaks the checkout process up into three discrete steps that keep users focused on one domain of knowledge at a time. This reduces the chance for confusion or form fatigue, helping customers to complete their purchases more often.

πŸ‘Ž Cumbersome form
πŸ‘Ž Form field overload
πŸ‘Ž Confusing user flow
πŸ‘ Three step process
πŸ‘ Form field focus
πŸ‘ Simplified user flow

Don’t Make Me Think
Optimized Account Creation Process
CheckoutWC streamlines the account process by allowing customers to create an account without any additional information. Once checkout is submitted, they will get an email with information about their new account.

If a customer already has an account, we offer them the chance to login but customers should always be able to checkout as a guest when possible.

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