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Scrapes 2.0.1 download + license key for 5 sites. You can buy multiple site licenses.

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The easy to use interface of our automatic WordPress content crawler plugin is designed for the best user experience. Set up easily in a few steps and leave it in the background to get content from source sites.

What Scrapes can do is completely limited to your imagination. Use the default settings for popular sources or create new tasks from scratch and crawl through almost all websites or use it as a RSS aggregator plugin for WordPress.

Usecase ideas.
  •  News
  •  Currencies
  •  Weather forecasts
  •  Live sport scores
  •  Blogs & Magazines
  •  Articles
  •  Bulletin boards
  •  Social profiles
  •  Design inspirations
  •  Images & Galleries
  •  Videos
  •  Movies & Celebrities
  •  Music & Playlists
  •  Apps & Games
  •  Books
  •  Themes & Plugins
  •  Products
  •  Freelance jobs
  •  Syllabi
  •  Restaurants
  •  Recipes
  •  Theaters
  •  Airports & Flights
  •  Transportation hours
  •  Hotels
  •  + more

We have identified all the features that an automatic WordPress scraper plugin must have, and developed the state of the art Scrapes to meet all needs from the simplest to most advanced.

Mode 1
Single scraping.
Take specific data from a web page as a single post to your own website in WordPress auto post plugin mode.

Mode 2
Serial scraping.
Track and publish all articles of a website by following detail page and pagination links in WordPress autoblog plugin mode.

Mode 3
Feed scraping.
Track and publish all summaries of articles in a feed or follow detail page links in RSS aggregator plugin for WordPress mode.

Instant control with detailed dashboard.
View all of your tasks on a single screen and easily manage them as you wish.

Supports all WordPress fields.
Scrapes automatically fills all fields those are supported, as if you had manually filled them out. Results of automatic WordPress content crawler plugin is no different from native one.

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