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Your product reviews now can include product pictures. Helping you to create social proof about your site and your products. With WooCommerce Photo Review you can import reviews with product pictures from AliExpress, send review reminder emails to customers and give coupons to customers who posted reviews.

BUY NOW V1.1.4.5 Required: WordPress 4.5+, PHP 7.2+, WooCommerce 3.4+
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WooCommerce Photo Reviews is an ultimate review plugin for WooCommerce which help you to send review reminder emails, allows customers to post reviews include product pictures and send thank you emails with WooCommerce coupons to customers.

Send review reminder emails asking customers to review their purchased products.
Allows customers posting reviews include product pictures.
Send thank you email with a coupon code when a customer review is published.

The plugin WooCommerce Photo Reviews allows your customers to post pictures along with their product review. This feature will help you to create a social proof of your product and increase conversion rate.

Photo review: The plugin allows customers to attach pictures to reviews and display that pictures along with the review on the front-end.
Maximum picture size: Set a maximum picture size that customers can attach to their reviews.
Maximum picture quantity: Set a maximum picture quantity that can be attached to a review.
Photos required: Reviews must include a picture in order to be uploaded.
Display by time: Select to display the newest or oldest review first on front-end.
Review Filter: Filter reviews by rating, contain pictures.
GDPR compliance: The plugin will display a message and a checkbox at the review form that allows customers to agree to share the review on your page.
Ajax pagination: Allow customers to move to the next reviews without reloading the page.
Verified badge: Display verified buy badge on reviews from customers who purchased the product.
Hide review author name: the review author name can be displayed as N***.
Image caption: the image caption option allows review authors to add a caption to each review picture.
Edit reviews: the site’s admin can edit review text, rearrange or change review images.
Helpful button: the helpful button option allows users to mark reviews as “helpful” or “unhelpful”. The result will be displayed on front-end under each review.
Add review manually: WooCommerce Photo Reviews provides a review form, allows the site admin to add review manually.

The plugin allows you to import reviews from AliExpress by using Ali Express product IDs.

Import using product ID: Using an Aliexpress product ID to import reviews from that products to a selected WooCommerce product.
Selected Ratings: Choose which review ratings will be imported All reviews, only 5-stars reviews, only 4-stars reviews, only 3-stars reviews, only 2-stars review or only 1-star reviews.
Included pictures: Select to import only reviews that include pictures
Translate to English: AliExpress has a feature to translate reviews into English. This option of WooCommerce Photo Review allows you to select to import translated reviews or import original reviews.
Mark imported review as Verified owner: The imported reviews will be marked with a “Verified owner” badge, that means the reviews come from people who purchased.
Download picture: If you select the download picture option, review pictures will be download to your website database. If not, the plugin will use the AliExpress pictures (with URLs to AliExpress.com) to display review pictures.
Country: Select a country to import only reviews from that selected country.
Number of reviews: Select a number of reviews will be imported. A product on AliExpress.com can have thousands of reviews and you may not want to import all of those reviews. So this option will help you to set a limit on reviews will be imported.

After a scheduled time from when an order is marked as complete. The plugin will send a review reminder email to the customer, asking to review the product. To encourage the customer to take pictures of the product and leave a review, the plugin will offer them a discount coupon.

Review reminder email: Send emails to customers who purchased products, offering them coupons to encourage them posting review
Auto-login: When customers click on the link in their Review Reminder Email, they will be automatically login to their account on your site.
Products Restriction: Select which products will review reminder works.
Schedule reminder email: Select when will the plugin send reminder emails to customers.
REVIEW NOW button: Include a review now button with the link lead to the single product page.
Configure review reminder email: Configure the review reminder email sending to customers using shortcode {customer_name}
Exclude products/categories: Select which products/categories will receive a review reminder email.
The plugin only sends a review reminder if a customer has never reviewed the item before.

The plugin will generate coupons and send to review authors. This prize will encourage customers to post reviews and it also increases your profit when they use the coupon.

Send coupon email: the plugin will send an email coupon whenever a review which qualifies the requirement is published.
Use existing coupons: you select to send existing WooCommerce coupons as a prize.
Auto-generate coupons: set up the plugin to generate unique coupons and send it along with the coupon emails. You can set up the plugin to generate coupons with all WooCommerce Coupon settings.
Photos required: you can select to send coupons to authors of reviews include photos only.
Minimum rating required: set a minimum rating review can get a coupon.
Verified owners required: the only reviews from the verified owner can get a coupon.
Specified products required: only selected products review can get a coupon.
Configure coupon email: configure the coupon email sending to customers using shortcode {customer_name} {coupon_code} {date_expires}

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