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Ninja Tables is the Best Selling WordPress table builder plugin with a user-friendly layout, easy to use settings, and enticing front-end. Build a table right from the comfort without having any coding experience. Do whatever you want – create, edit, maintain and customize. Ninja Tables is the ultimate solution for designing WordPress tables for any purpose.


Premium Features
Ninja Tables Pro comes with a big bucket of elegant, intuitive, advanced, and enthralling features. With more integration options, cutting-edge functionalities, and next-level configurations- you can unleash the untouched potentials of your business.

Add Media to Table Cells
Add Images and other multimedia contents to your tables with Ninja Tables Pro and make your tables more effective than ever!

Unlimited Colors in Your Tables
Don’t get stuck with the boring white. Color your WordPress tables according to your requirements with Ninja Tables Pro plugin.

Connect Google Sheets
If you have already stored your information on Google Sheets, you can effortlessly publish it on WordPress with Ninja Tables.

Drag and Drop Table Data Sorting
With Ninja Tables Pro, you don’t have to code every single task. Just drag and drop table data and arrange them intuitively.

Connect External CSV
Export-Import CSV
Where your tables are now or where you want to export one- Ninja Tables allows you to export and import tables in seconds.

Ninja Tables Advanced Customization Feature
Advanced Customization Features
The advanced settings enable you with a myriad of under-the-hood functionalities to make your tables more powerful.

WooCommerce Integration
Got a WooCommerce store? Connect it and turn it into a convenient product showcase table easily with Ninja Tables Pro.

Advanced Date Sorting
Sort your WordPress table data according to date added or the dates assigned to them in table columns.

WP Posts
Display website contents in a searchable, sortable format with Ninja Tables. It supports custom posts, pages, & custom post types.

Extra CSS class
Add CSS Class
Don’t just rely on the default stylings. Style your WordPress tables with additional CSS classes and make them more beautiful!

Conditional Column Formating
Set conditions to your online tables and highlight specific columns/rows/cells according to previously set logics.

Transform Value
Value Transformation is a powerful tool that concat any column values easily into valid HTML and show as computed value.

Custom Filter UI
With this feature, users can search within a particular option. First, they will filter then they do what’s needed.Advanced Data Filtering
Custom Search Filters is useful if you want to add a Checkbox/Radio Button to show a group of rows of your table.

Connect Fluent Form
If you’re already using WP Fluent Form, now is the time to connect it with Ninja Tables and beautifully organize your form entries.

Set Max Width for Columns
The columns have a default width and they expand based on your input. Control the columns by setting the max width.

Ninja Tables Text Allignment
Text Alignment
How do you want to see the text? Center, right or left? Using this feature, you can place the text on your desired position.

Ninja Tables Colspan Cell Merging
Colspan/Cell Merging Feature
You can easily merge cells in online tables built with Ninja Tables. This is a great feature which have a significant appeal.

Ninja Tables Shortcode In Cells
Shortcodes give you extra benefit so that you can use the same shortcode in different places to see the same result.

VIP Support
Our support is prompt, reliable, efficient, and wonderful. Whenever you face a problem and whatever it is, get to us.


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